Do you wish to use one (or more) of our applications in your favourite language? Then, please help us to translate (or consider improving the existing translation) your favourite application via one of the following method listed in the bottom of this page. It will also be a great way to support the development of these applications, that are all open-source and freely available for everyone.

A big thanks to POEditor for approving free localization service for these applications, translation is now much more simple and enjoyable. Alternately, you can always download and translate the original language strings from GitHub as well. We already developed an application (The Translator), which is designed to help users to translate their favourite applications within a mobile device.

List of applications waiting for the volunteer translators

Important: Most of these applications uses a lot of strings from sCommon, an open-source library sharing common code-base for many of my projects. Hence, please consider translating the library as well to completely use my apps in a specific language.