Report an Issue


In order to save the precious time of both "me" and "you", please be sure to read the following guidelines before reporting any bug about my applications.

What should include in a bug report

  1. A clear description of the issue - the only way to understand the real issue.
  2. Steps to reproduce the issue - the only way to reproduce the issue on my device.
  3. Screenshots or/and Screen Records (especially if you’re reporting a layout issue) - to simplify the first two-point.
  4. If you’re reporting an app crashing, please be sure to include a “logcat” captured at the time of the crash happened - the most important piece of evidence for me to know why the crash happened!
    Please Note: Logcat Reader, a simple and very efficient application available in Google Play shall be used to capture logcat.
  5. Anything else you really think is important.

What shouldn't include in a bug report

  • Any logs other than the logcat unless the developer explicitly requested - almost everything except the logcat is useless unless in certain situations!
  • Any other unrelated information.

If your report doesn't meet the above-mentioned criteria, please don't bother reporting it. It will be most probably a waste of time for both of us and eventually ignored. Moreover, never ever report a bug like "your app is not working on my X device running Y ROM and Z Kernel". It is mainly because

  • I may not have your device in my hand to reproduce the issue.
  • I may not be interested in your favourite ROM/Kernel.
  • I’m not a magician to solve the issues unless you give “relevant” information about the issue.
  • I might have other priorities in life, so that it will be impossible for me to spend time for bug reports without “relevant” information.