Report an Issue


Please be sure to read the following guidelines before reporting bugs about our applications.

What should include in a bug report

  1. A clear description of the issue - the only way to understand the real issue.
  2. Steps to reproduce the issue - the only way to reproduce the issue on our device.
  3. Screenshots or/and Screen Records (especially if you’re reporting a layout issue) - to simplify the first two-point.
  4. If you’re reporting an app crashing, please be sure to include a “logcat” captured at the time of the crash happened.
    Please Note: Logcat is an important evidence helping us to know why the crash happened. Logcat Reader, a simple and very efficient application available in Google Play shall be used to capture logcats.
  5. Anything else you really think is of importance.

What shouldn't include in a bug report

  • Any logs other than the logcat unless we explicitly requested. Almost everything except the logcat is useless except certain situations.
  • Any other unrelated information.

If your report doesn't meet the above-mentioned standards, please don't bother reporting. It will be most probably a waste of time for both of us and eventually ignored. Moreover, never ever report a bug like "your app not working on my X device running Y ROM and Z Kernel". It is mainly because

  • We may not have your device in hand to reproduce the issue.
  • We may not be interested in your favourite ROM/Kernel.
  • We are not magicians to solve the issues unless you give “relevant” information about the issue.
  • We might have other priorities in life, so that it will be impossible to spend time for bug reports without “relevant” information.

Thank you very much everyone for understanding.