Welcome to the home page of Package Manager, a powerful application to manage apps installed on an Android device!


  1. A beautiful list view of installed applications.
  2. Show detailed information about each app including, but not limited to,
    1. Application & Package name
    2. APK/Split APK’s path
    3. Granted and denied permissions
    4. List of all the active activities
    5. Data and native library paths
    6. First installed and last updated dates
    7. Certificate details
    8. Manifest details
    9. A lot more
  3. Helps to do basic tasks such as Open app, visit PlayStore page, uninstall (User apps), etc.
  4. Install Split apk’s/app bundles (supported bundle formats: .apks, .apkm, and .xapk) from device storage.
  5. Explore and export the contents of an installed app (Experimental).
  6. Export individual or a batch of apps (including Split apk’s) into device storage.
  7. Do advanced tasks such as (need Root access).
    1. Full control over Operations (AppOps)
    2. Uninstall an individual or a batch of system apps (de-bloating).
    3. Disable or Enable an individual or a batch of apps.