SmartPack-Kernel Manager is a heavily modified version of Kernel Adiutor developed by Willi Ye. All the credits go to the original developer, not only for his hard work on Kernel Adiutor, but also for being open to open-source community.

Further, before using SmartPack-Kernel Manager, please be aware that,

  • This app requires ROOT ACCESS.
  • This app needs BusyBox to be installed (especially, ‘unzip’ & ‘mke2fs’ binaries for auto-flashing).
  • Most of the features available in this app require kernel-level support.
  • You may unlock the hidden features of this app by purchasing SmartPack Donation Package from playstore.
  • Although this app is no way supported by Grarak, buying his official donated version will also unlock the hidden features in this app.
  • This app is not intended to be the most good-looking app in the market, but the most powerful and feature rich one in its category.


Added features over official KA

SmartPack-Kernel Manager offers more control than any other apps available in the market, including the paid ones. Some of the key features of SmartPack-Kernel Manager include, but aren't limited to

  • Almost all the features available in Kernel Adiutor.
  • An option to flash recovery zip files while running Android OS.
  • A simple and user-friendly Kernel downloader, which allows kernel developers to add OTA support for their users (Documentation).
  • A powerful Custom Controller, which allows power users to add their own controller to any available kernel parameter (Documentation).
  • Backup/restore and flash boot and recovery images.
  • Create, edit, share and execute shell scripts.
  • Spectrum support in-built.
  • Usual kernel controls, such as
    • CPU & GPU (Frequency, Governor, Boost, Input Boost, etc.)
    • Wake/Sleep Gestures (dt2w, s2w, etc.)
    • I/O Scheduler
    • Virtual Memory
    • Screen and K-Lapse
    • Wakelocks (including Boeffla’s generic driver)
    • Battery
    • Sound (Boeffla, Flar, Franco, Faux, etc)
  • Real-time charging status.
  • Dark (default) and light themes.
  • Compatible with any devices and kernels, and lot more…



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