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Developer: sunilpaulmathew


SmartPack projects include a number of android applications designed with an aim to improve the overall experience of an average user. All the applications provided under this label are necessarily simple, open-sourced and extremely easy-to-use for most majority of users. Moreover, all these applications are made with a special focus on privacy (please read our Privacy Policy) of end-users. As a result, our applications only demands very necessary permissions to offer an enjoyable ad-free experience for our users.

A number of applications, including the ones available in Google Play or/and F-Droid, are currently under active development. Some of the popular applications include SmartPack-Kernel Manager, Package Manager, De-Bloater, sNotz, and more. Please check out the download section for more details.

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September 20, 2020

After a bit of struggling, SmartPack-Kernel Manager found its way back to PlayStore (Read More).