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Developer: sunilpaulmathew


If you like to appreciate my efforts to provide all these applications (a lot at the time of last updating this page on July 21, 2021) entirely free, non-intrusive and without Ads, please consider supporting the development in some way. Maintaining all these projects takes the most majority of free time in my life. So, each and every support from the android community will be hugely appreciated.

Currently, I can accept donations via Liberapay, PayPal, Ko-fi, or SmartPack Donation Package.

Liberapay Donation url: https://liberapay.com/sunilpaulmathew/donate
PayPal Donation url: https://www.paypal.me/menacherry
PayPal Donation email: sunil.kde@gmail.com
Ko-fi Donation url: https://ko-fi.com/sunilpaulmathew

Some other ways to support my projects includes, but not limited to

An incomplete list of actively maintained android applications that are now available in Google Play or/and F-Droid