The Settings page of Package Manager is bundled with a number of comfort features including, but not limited to

  1. Language - An option to change the app language. Thanks to the contributors, Package Manager is already translated to a number of languages.
  2. Dark Theme - An Option to switch on or off dark theme (default: Follow system).
  3. Exported APK Name - An option to choose the exported APK file name; either App name or Package name.
  4. On Clicking Installer - An option to choose the default behaviour on starting Installer.
  5. On Exiting App - An option to choose the default behaviour of app on exiting.
  6. Translations - Option to translate Package Manager into another language via POEditor localization service (a big thanks to POEditor team for approving free localization for Package Manager).
  7. Share App - Options to invite others to try Package Manager.
  8. A lot more links to reach various places, such as i. Source Code, ii. Support Group, iii. Issue Tracker, etc.