Another important feature available in this application is a powerful installer which handles APK's, Split APK's, and app bundles. As the name itself suggests, this feature allows the installation of individual and split APK's (multiple APK's bearing the same package id and signature) as well as app bundles (xapk, apkm, and apks bundles). Since Google promotes the distribution of app bundles than normal APK's via their app store, and not many applications are available to handle the installation of such bundles, this feature will be a good deal for Package Manager users.

Screenshot of a Split APK Installation session

In order to install multiple APK’s or app bundles, please follow the guidelines

  1. Click the top menu icon and select “Installer”.
  2. Package Manager will now open an in-built file picker to select the installation file(s).
  3. In order to install an app bundle (xapk, apkm, or apks file), simply select the respective file and follow on-screen instructions.
  4. To install split APK’s, please be sure to follow the additional requirements listed below
    1. All the necessary split APK’s should be placed in a single folder.
    2. Upon being prompted to select the installation files, please make sure to select all the necessary split APK’s to avoid possible installation failure.